Rape Culture


United States
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Rape culture:
The culture of telling a woman that she is an accomplice
In her own pain.
The practice of making her feel as if
Every decision she makes could potentially put her life at risk.
I can't smile at you without
Enticing you into something that I didn't know I was looking for
Until you told me.
Until you tried to force your will on me because
You think I'm weak.
So I frown.
Mama told me to ignore the cat calls
From the men who don't know how to talk to me,
The men that get angry
And call me a bitch as I try to get past them,
Who says I am required to acknowledge you?
Rape culture.
The culture of "nice guys"
Who make a fuss as they are put into the 'friend zone'
But when you decide you don't want me,
It's my fault, and I should be okay with it.
The culture of double standards,
Where good girls are good for nothing
Except marriage and children, and
Balancing a career is out of the question.
But let a man abandon his children to
Get ahead in society, and all he'll get is a
Pat on the back and a fat raise.
Rape culture.
The culture where sex is payment for
A nice dinner,
A compliment,
A look in your direction,
You said 'hi' to me today,
So I must reply with a blow job, of course.
Head to inflate your head with the notion that
You earned this just by existing and possessing a dick.
You are what you own if you believe that bullshit,
Do not approach me with the audacity to require me to
Give you respect when all you see me as is a cute ass with
A nice pair of legs that should open at your will,
These are not a machine with a switch that
Must be operated by a man,
These are attached to a body,
With a brain, feelings
And a soul. And the
Only thing that can open these is conversation,
Trust, understanding
Support of my right to be me, my
Audacity to live out loud and refusal
To succumb to the traditions of
rape culture.
A culture where the ideas I am relaying
Through these lines are seen as
Just another woman bitching and moaning,
But I'd rather shed light than to stay silenced about
Another woman being called "bitch"
And moaning in agony as her life
Is torn apart by some man exercising his rights under
Rape culture,
Because its a culture where her life will never be the same.
But for him?
This is just the way it is.


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