A bare face and mischievous infelicty
Perfect target for late-night workers
If wisely done and timely
With the right source of ppl
A nightmare to live that that experience
a nasty work that dance trauma
in the soul of abandoned victims
of a process that cause infection
a disaster that waves at death
A sweet pain that shall be an offer
to those that deserve to suffer
a pain that can't be neglected
they keep fighting bad memories
memories that give them sorrow
life turns to a book that don't have cover
and a dark pages they never want to read out
A lot of pain is addicted to them
Causes loneliness among crowds keep hunting them
In a tone that leads them to hade in
Draining them through regret
A sweet poison that wants to be tested again
by souls that blinding want to gain
life offer without surfer
Prosecutors are left with useless gain
Gain of worthless ability
Cos all capability is used infinitely
to bring about a selfish interest
that affect them public at large


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