On a certain day, beautiful and bright
I went about my duty as usual
Little did I know the day would change my life
And that I'll experience something brutal

Mama loaded the oranges
Our daily source of income
She had no money, she got no wages
Except for the little that I bring home

I started my daily hustle
Trekking from place to place
Not to draw attention, I was always careful
Selling my goods with a happy face

The sunny bright day was losing its shine
The clouds gathered, ready to wet the earth
I needed to get shelter, I needed to do so in time
To avoid the apparent rain from getting me wet

I sighted a building, one that was far from completion
I told myself it would be a place to rest
I had no clue it would be the spot of my oppression
As the rain started pouring, there to I went.

Taking down my goods
I sat on a block and faced the street
Watching people run into the hood
To escape the cold and get into the heat.

Still sitting I imagined beautiful scenes about life
I knew I had to work hard and pray
And that getting there
Would be a matter of time.

The breeze blowing from the rain was heavy
It got me freezing
I didn't know for a fact
That we had entered the rainy season

I felt the need to ease myself
I looked round to get an ideal spot
To protect myself as a grown girl
I went behind the building to ease up.

I finished urinating and stood by the window
But suddenly, I felt a gloomy presence
Silent steps I heard, with devilish intent
I could see at my side a towering shadow

Before I could run, one hand choked me
The other hand covered my mouth
I bit him and he slapped me.

He dragged me harshly
Forcefully to a dark smelly corner
My leg was hurting, I couldn't breathe
He kept hitting hard my stomach

The beautiful world I imagined
Now in my head was crumbling
How could I be treated so wickedly
I had no strength, to breathe I was struggling.

I couldn't see his face
but his stench was terrible
The devil would be better in his place
Even as both of them are horrible.

As he tore off my skirt,
I tried to fight,
tried to kick,
tried to bite

He hit with me with a block
On my head came crashing down the pieces
I felt my head bleeding
I lost all my strength, the blood kept flowing, not ceasing.

I lay on the ground helplessly,
I felt sharp pains through the hole
It was as if knives were stabbing me
Piercing me straight down to my soul

Could this be a man?
Or was this an animal?
Did God draft for me this plan?
My questions unanswered, my thoughts turned suicidal

He had this satisfaction
At the expense of my defloration
He was powered by his gin
And in the end, he shattered my dreams.

What will I tell mama?
How will I narrate my ordeal?
Oh! I know not a better hunter than Karma
Who goes after its prey with delightful zeal.

I leave all to God
Who sees all and knows all
In Him I put my trust
His words to me are more than enough!


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