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Loneliness is a Lesson
The class is in session
A burden with a purpose
Everything becomes so worthless.
Each level has a crazy struggle,
but does this teach the self control that my demons have fun with as they juggle.
The art of Survival?
Does that pertain to my rival?
The person who plays with my fears and watch me suffer.
who the hell blinded my body with this black cover?
To be lonely is a lesson,
My classes are in still in session.
The kindness in my heart
Has been gone way before this shit start.
Stick and stone weren't made to break my bone but,
Bullies use them to change my tone.
Words weren't thought to hurt me,
Yet people use them to blind others making it hard to see.
What's the reality we everyone isn't treated like me..

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

no one shoudl ever be bullied

this is an ongoing problem that needs to eb address

thank you for sharing your poem

keep wriitng

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