Rap Inspired by Jean Grae's Rap style

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 18:13 -- Soulae

We sitting here thinking whispering hatred, hating that I hate you
cuddled up on different couches,
Mindsets ain’t settled cause frustrations getting up, standing on our two feet,
comtemplating if we settling, if we gon settle this
are we gonna break up,
we had our twists and turns,
you twisted my wrist, bruised my bone, circling around my skin, purple, blue, you left a mark on me,
I turned my back on you, I’m fed up with all this sh*t you put me through, you said you were gonna stop but you never did, I’m packing my bags, I’m gone, out this crib,
when I left, you and her combined, yall had sex right behind, my behind, behind me, you lied saying that you loved me, that it was true, that it could never be broken, apart, never undo, but when my footsteps disappeared, you didnt care, you didnt think, you didnt love, why am I here, what am I here for, forget love,
the news came back to me, my ears heard the betrayal that stabbed me in my back,
I came to raise my voice, and give you the finger, pointed at you,
how could you,
my words screwed your mind and cut your pride,
so you felt the need to hit me in my face, why?
I slapped you back with no remorse
you should of thought first before, oh wait I didn’t mean to, I know you didnt either, I’m sorry but where’s your apology,
You didn’t say sorry,
we say we love each other,
but our love is scarred on our bodies,
fighting is the only language we speak,
you punched me, kicked me in the face,
I’m lost, Im losing sight,
why we keep going back and forth abusing our love
you holding me back, I kicked you in ya balls,
you fall,
My body standing over you,
I swear you hit me again then its over, 
No more relations, shipping every memory
forever !
my mind doesnt know her worth, she said that before,
the sex keeps her heart locked on you, like you got power,
A god that she obeys taking away her common mind leaving no sense,
she rather be beaten,
beaten senseless
then take heed to wisdom and leave,
baby we could of been something more,
lasting like the old folks do at the park,
together for 40 years that could of been us,
wrinkles appear, holding hands,
the picture changed, black and white,
A classic sight,
we could of took that picture but you took the camera away,
from me,
Damn, I’m looking at what we coulda been but I made a decision,

It’s over,

I’m sorry.



This rap is no way near about me. I wrote this based on a rapper I discovered today "Jean Grae", who inspired me to change up my style of writing. Her writing is mostly very dark, deep and metaphoric and I wanted to try doing that, so this song is me experimenting trying something new.

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