The Rap Game

The rap game is no longer what it should have been
No longer affirmative action
More like a big distraction
More worried about drugs and precocious sex than how we should be moving forward as a people 
We want to see each other as equal 
But primarily degrading and exploiting women and other people
Knowing damn well we should be showing respect but now we're the front runners of suppressing ourselves
With messages of gun violence on your own communities
This music has become a menace to the cultural identity 
of it's avid listeners 
When black women went from soul sisters to thots
And now the ideal woman is a stripper and what not
Like these women could be anything other than their bodies
It's apparent
So Afraid of love and monogamy 
But more concerned on trying to hide insecurities behind a new Bugatti 
You've been hurt before so it feels like everyone will lie to you 
The only option is to have quote on quote hoes 
Keeping the heart buried by the ego but 
Knowing that you really just want someone to hold and value you
Never treating yourself like the queens and kings you could be
Rather exposing yourself for dollars
Devaluing your worth for material 
You were taught to hate yourself it's an obsession 
Ingrained in the institutions to deface you
Yet you still can not figure out why you hate you
Because you're living life trying to be who they say you are
All these delusions are bound to keep you from who you truly are
This poem is about: 
Our world


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