Randy Stys

The greatest struggles of our time

begin with the mind,

I remember when I couldn’t see a future,

When my third eye was blind,

Before I knew how to turn darkness into shine

through the power of rhyme,

I was more lonely

than an underground hip hop cd,

I must’ve been invisible

cause people couldn’t see me,

And believe me,

I’ve made my strives to socialize,

But the social eyes of other girls and guys

perceive Randy Stys

As the kinda guy to be ostracized,

I’m frozen in social ice-olation,

This icey situation

has my heart pacin

like I’m runnin’ from Freddy and Jason,

Cause I feel like I’m living in a horror movie,

There’s not too many words that can move me,

Against my pain, I feel little like Rudy,

And I haven’t found a lover to amuse me,

Just kids to bully and abuse me,

And they say there’s plenty of fish in the ocean

but I’m in a fish bowl,

The evils crumple me up like a fish roll,

I’ve got no hope,

I wanna have a stroke,

Hell, someone gimme the rope!

But then I think about the poetry and its power

instead of my final hours

at the age of a teen

who would’ve erased his dreams

based off of suicidal schemes,

I found empowerment in the writing,

learned to keep fighting

by spitting bars of flaming hot lightning,

And I realized I can’t let being lonely disown me

and proceed to permanently dethrone me,

Sure, times are slow, 

but I've still got a lot to show,

and from this cement-seeming sediment of sadness

I can grow-

Into a beautiful rose that knows

That this isn't a sign of hellfires glistening,

This is just strength and conditioning,

The greatest swords are forged in flames,

These are simply just growing pains,

So like John Lennon, 

Imma keep playing mind games,

Find ways to healthily bring peace to my brain,

The devaluing depression

is from the dumb part of my head, 

I'm grateful to be alive

cause I could be dead,

I’ve surpassed the suicidal lies I now despise,

I'm on the rise, my name is Randy Stys,

And to anybody else dealing with this,

Remember something significant:

Pain is not infinite.


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