rainy rainy day

I paused upon a morning breeze
Gently flowing through the trees;
These leaves became like little hands
Clapping joyously and free!
May my response to “wind” too be
A glad applauding like a tree.

I noticed in the stormy days
The battered trees, would rise again.
They held fast against the wind’s malaise
And fought to lift their arms in praise.
May my response to storms too be
As firm and steadfast as a tree.

When catastrophic storms have razed
And trees uprooted, broken, hazed
Knew their life was at its end:
They died with branches still up raised.
May my response to death too be,
As strong and loyal as a tree.

When a tree from earth is weaned;
Its fruit and lumber gleaned
It leaves behind a legacy
Of a life for other’s seen.
Oh may my life for mankind be,
As full and fruitful as a tree.

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My community
Our world
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