The rainfall

Sun, 11/25/2018 - 12:32 -- ngopes

One Afternoon 

The droplets of water run down the tarmac and 

into the river,

turning the ground wet in mud.

I parked my Honda suv along the bank of the river,

its windshield beginning to mist up.


A tiny cloud of mist forms on the window 

where my hot breath landed

the droplets continue to splash and fall on my window .

The rain soaks to the skin of my car.


The water level rise enough to dip my ankles

A blast of wind hits my car

Splashing rain drops, the car slightly shakes inside.

The droplets hang on the leaves and fall

It has been raining heavily since this morning

just enough to make a river angry.

The river is full and flowing, and

the rain continues to fall in heavy drops

behind the houses in the folds of the hill.



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