Raindrops and Tears


Falling from the skies

Falling from my eyes

I laugh until

it hurts

cry until I can't

see anyone 

or anything

when I look up to 

the sky

all I can see 

are my tears fogging my eyes.


All I want to do

is to live until I die

but death has

no boundaries

for not even life can pass by.


I bring you here

so that you 

can see

 the things that mean the 





The things I enjoy the most

is being so sad

and having 

someone near

who can 

make you laugh

until you cry.


Like the

raindrops in the sky

I will never ask 

why, but do

what I am told 

until I die.


There is no peace

where there are


but we 

can learn to 

love through

the tears.




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