United States
30° 5' 19.6728" N, 90° 28' 8.796" W

No one else
Can see what I see
It's beautiful
And it's terrifying

These colors
Dance to the rhythm
Of your heartbeat
Rainbows of emotion

Happy smiles
And lonely faces
Sparkling green eyes
And ribbons of rainbows

Black and white
Shades of gray and I
Will lose myself
When colors start to fade

Thunder, rain
Lightning across skies
Colors have never
Been brighter in my eyes

Reach for me
I'll show you a world
That you never
Would have ever known of

Black and white
And the shades of gray
Are calling you
Colors starting to fade

I'm sorry
I have to go now
Just close your eyes
And imagine rainbows

I'll be there
At the corner blue
I'll be waiting
With a rainbow for you.


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