The Rain, Tears, and Rainbow

The sun

Life began like a sun shimming in the daylight

Until the truth blinded the boy

He is different

This he did not know


Summer arrived

But it came with rain

The truth

The truth

Is the only answer


How can one learn to love?




What was this moment

A moment of uncertainty


When society has standards

And you are different


You spend your summer in the rain.

Uncertain of your feelings

How was I supposed to know?

That there was a rainbow in my blood


You spent of summer being unsure

Not understanding


And hiding your Emotions


To return to school to repeat history


Fall comes

You spill the truth

Luckily your friends,

Love you,


The Autumn Ball Arrives

You conceal yourself,


You asked her, but you already told her.


You play this game like a mannequin,

You pretend to hide in the shadows

The rain grows stronger


Your feelings grow on grow

Like the roots of an ancient tree

To only learn this is not to be


The truth is spilt once again,


You learn to heal, but the rain is still there

You went back to preform on the stage

To only find you are

In a cage.


You finally embrace the rainbow

You reach out to the teacher


Your screaming for help,

But you cannot speak,


Your numb to the core,

The shell must break

You vanquish the demon

How made you fear hate.


You fight against the demon’s past

to finally

Let the rainbow come through the rains last


You move yourself to the top of the throne

To tell the family



The wings of the rainbow are cut

To bleed black and white

Society’s expectations


Your life


The tears of




Flow through


Only to slowly heal again

The demons of the past

Are gone


You walked the line of



and Tears


You rise up again.

Love is love.


You cannot change your feelings


I am at peace and the lost boy

Is not lost

Rather he is healing

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