Rain Falling

Rain falling grades rising typing, typing, typing away.

It's not the B I want, the A is not enough

Sunshining, grades rising typing, typing, typing away.

The grades don't matter, but they're the only thing I see

Moon shining, grades rising typing, typing, typing away.

Good isn't good enough, "A" isn't "A" enough

It's not enough.

If I get one wrong.

Stars falling, fate's calling typing, typing, typing away

All right. Still fight. Might get one wrong.

No joy, no joy, comes with success.

Because, still I was not the best.

Sunshining, grades falling, typing, typing, typing away.

No joy with A no joy with D

Nothing can set me free

Rain falling, I'm wandering, splish, splash, sploshing away.

I want to see my friends

I want to be alone

I come to think

It's better



Sunshining, I'm pining, time to change my way.

Seeking people, dodging gazes

I don't know

Where my place is.


Then I see her, and I'm near her.

Clouds inside me fall away

One more time, it is day.


Rain falling, fears stalling, there's so much I want to say

Doesn't matter what clouds above

Because deep inside

Darker clouds 

Diffused by




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