Rain and Sky

Have you ever seen how much the rain loves the sky?

The way it envelopes the day and bids the sun goodbye.

Some try to tell me it is tears that it cries

But I believe that to be nothing but lies

The rain is showing how much it loves

With thunder and lightning crashing from above

The louder and more daring only to show

That this is a love the sky has never known

The darkness we see is not sadness but joy

To spend time alone is the rain's true ploy

Because unlike the moon and the sun

The rain has but a few brief moments with it's love

The rain must shake and rattle the ground

To prove to the sky that it's love abounds

Deeper than the darkest ocean pit

Stronger than the tropical storms that hit

The rain loves the sky more than we could know

The rain is only sad that soon it has to go. 


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