As the sky starts to cry from outbursts of clouds.
Hear how the droplets kiss the ground perfectly.
The strike of thunder pierce the earth.
To us the flash is ever so beautiful and the showers of tears

Here I lay,
I yearn to feel the teardrops of the sky kiss my face.
To share a passionate kiss while being drenched,
Allowing the thunder to strike and its flash to create a silhouette of two people lost in each others arms.
Tasting the sorrow that the sky has unleashed mixed with the juices of love and lust.
Raindrops falling down all over our love.

O...,how romantic isn't is?
Kissing in the rain..
Every girl fantasizes about moments like those.
A boy and a girl drunk in love.
Not even mother nature couldn't sober them up.
She nourishes not only the earth but their love aswell.
The love is endless.
No condition could ever depart them.

Blossoms will bloom and green earth will emerge.
Rivers will run over and life will be restored.
Just as the earth,their love will bloom.
To await another shower,another passionate moment,another monsoon.

I wonder how making love would be...,
Under those sheets of rain.
Would they be drifted away by the pools of water?
Or be taken up into the sky and burst out showers of passion unto the earth.
If the wind blows would they be swept up to join in with howling of the breeze as it travels through the sky?
And as the thunder makes its appearance,would their declaration of unison be heard throughout the distance as the mighty strike is bestowed unto the earth?

Its rumble gives me goose bumps.
Vibrating my body,mind and soul.
Its strike brings me back to reality.
But my mind wonders out of control.

As the rain starts to settle into soft falls.
Still I lay and dream.
Awaiting the steady rising of its call.
And me and my beloved taken away by its stream.

O...,rain quench my thirst and settle my hunger.
I feel as if the drought in my soul will eventually devour me entirely.
Leaving me numb and cold and at last bring my heart to its stop.
And still I lay and wait for my love to come with the cry of the sky...


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