In Two Parts

I. If I’m not worth the minor struggle, one call into the darkness,

Then why is she worth my effort.

It’s in the moment when she needs

Outlets, but I am too fed up +

Withholding sympathy.

Prove to me you are worth my time since clearly I am not in even mildly

High regard.

Since the cycle is vicious Alleviate my frustration or accept my withdrawal. No compromise.


II. Forgot. Sorry. Crap..


You still like lattes, right?

Forgotten, alone, stood up, empty Invisible, unresponsive, silent, foolish

Peppermint, right?

Sigh, from click-click-click I mince my words

I’ll make it up to you!

Eye glazed over, cheeks flushed, lipstick matte I stare at your misdirected, misguided, misaligned stance

Forgot, sorry, crap

You messed up, okay

Meaningless, vapid, cursory, yet unknown

(Does it feel better to hear me say it?)


And I Lied- An Unaccompanied Third

You could apologize and mollify and whimper for

Every last word and no complaint would I utter.

For, I may have drank the coffee and oxygen and

Sunshine but I’m not quite done with life and love

And pain and vengeance and all that jazz.


And tears and texts and trails leading back to the

Pre-determined destination time all feed the voice

That placidly whispers “enough is enough.”


And I’m not sure but that halo’d shoulder top

Creature compelling me to forgive and forget has

Seemingly jumped ship, not for lack of trying.


Am I in a frenzied rage? No, I’m too tired for

Anger this day, but beneath my liquid calm

Is a soul-snatching, glass-shattering void of

Compassion that no one dare invoke.


I sound like a wrath-like beast – And I Am –

But I am beyond caring for I am not the one

Personally seeing to its maintenance.


I am cowering, in a corner, rewriting my own history

To be both more and less hospitable

[to the whims of many a delighted commonfolk]




FYI: I have a Fiction Press account where I have posted many of my poems.

Ths poem is NOT plagerized :D


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