Radical Opinion

You tell us that we have the constitutional right to speak freely,
And therefore I shall fearlessly and openly express my radical opinion.
The colours of the Jamaican flag are black, green and gold.
You declare that the gold symbolises the beautiful sunshine,
The green represents the productivity of the land,
And according to you, the black typifies the hardship we face,
Nevertheless the poor experience only black conditions under your leadership.

Hypocrites! Your action clearly does not demonstrate the things you preach.
The motto on the coat of arms is, “Out of many, one people.”
Yet you misrepresent its meaning by creating divisions in the society.
You teach patriotism, materialism and falsehood in your schools,
And this results in race distinction, class distinction and many misconceptions.
You are egocentrics, and you show contempt for the average man.

You come to us with bribery and deceptive talk when you want our votes.
Five day-old chickens and two pounds of crushed corn will get a politician in office.
You hire political activists to intimidate neutral persons to vote in your favour,
And you win seats in the “whorehouse” by dishonest and corrupt means.
Neither one of the political parties is interested in the people of this country.
You are public servants, yet you behave as if you are gods and goddesses.

Desist from destroying the industries with hostile foreign policies.
What have the vendors on the street done to deserve such inhumane treatment?
You almost destroyed the business of cash for gold because of your covetousness,
And you keep frustrating taxi drivers who are just trying to feed their families.
Is there any wisdom in restricting the trading of scrap metal?
Desperate young men cannot wipe windshields without fear of prosecution.
You criminalise the livelihood of the poor and you offer no solution.

You have not created enough opportunities to benefit our promising graduates.
Our youths are not “irredeemable” as one self-aggrandising cabinet minister puts it.
That arrogant fool should look in the mirror and work on his despicable character,
He should never call the people who put him in office, “nasty nehgahs.”
We need more outspoken people to give voice to their feelings on these matters.

You keep the people of the ghetto in ignorance in order to take advantage of them,
But I shall publish this vital information on the internet to humiliate you.
Frankly, I cannot stand the high stench of your garbage any longer.
I shall expose all the evil works that you have swept under the carpet.
You will have to kill me to silence me as you have murdered other agitators.

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My community
My country


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