I am not a racist.

Just becaues I state a fact.

If you call me a cracker

expect a slur to come back

Don't expect me to take it

Just because I am white

You'd cry "Racist" if i did the same 

I'm a minority now. 

Or did you forget?

I can cry racist now

But then people get upset

I do not have the right

To be upset or concerned

For us whites had it going for hundreds of years

The past is the past though, and nothing will change it

I cry equality knowing all deserve it.

Dont expect special treatment

Don't expect to be better

If you're equal, you're the same

Aligned right with your neighbor

I'm not a racist in the slightest

I believe we are all perfect, need love

But I'm not taking your slander.

Not yours, or that from anyone.

I am not politically correct

Though I am right in a way

There is no "reverse racism"

Its just racist entirely. 




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