University of the Virgin Islands St.Croix Campus
Two Williams
United States Minor Outlying Islands

Racism is the ugliest trait.

How could you dare stare at a mirror and look at your face.

Who in the world said that you are above all.

I know god didnt say it so why stand so tall

If you're all high and mighty where art thou throne?

I dont see a king where did he go?

No wait I see him he's hiding in that hole.

afraid of the masses you scurry and flee.

afraid of my strength you feel fear of me.

Your words cannot hurt they are but empty and weak.

my words however can light up streets.

paving a path for the ones you've hurt.

but supressing their anger for you will get burnt.

all i can say is be good friend. 

you'll never know what will happen in the end. 



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