A Racial Statement

A racial statement
Is neither a political statement
Nor a controversial statement
It is a human statement
Blacks are human beings
Whites are human beings
Race has nothing to do with politics
Man tends to create bad or false ethics
Senseless fights, inventing stupidity
Ignorance is at the roots of ethnic disparity

This tribalistic mentality is destroying all of us
We are dust, dirt; at dusk we shall return to dust.

Greed is at the roots of so-called ‘racial tension'
Blacks have been enslaved for centuries
Blacks never had a chance to function
Like the sons of God, like the others
Blacks have been discouraged and sabotaged
Blacks were born with a serious disadvantage
Created by others throughout the ages

Blacks have been put on ramshackle or shaky stages
Blacks have been set up to stall, to fail
And are always suspect or out on bail
Few Blacks have been lucky or blessed
But the most of them find themselves in a big mess:
Drugs problems, lack of a decent education
Living in crime infested buildings and nations
Exploitation by others who pay Blacks less money
Systemic racism, and almost daily police brutality.

A racial statement
Deals with human issues
It's not a political statement
Ignore the color of the shoes
Black people are not different
We breathe, we work, we think, we walk
We enjoy life, we dream, we love and we talk
We are the same like the others under the firmament.

Copyright © August 2020, Hebert Logerie, all rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry.



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My family
My community
My country
Our world


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