Racial Harassment

Racial harassment is also as bad

If not worse than sexual harassment

Don’t get me wrong now, I get eerily mad

About both. True equality is non-existent

In our society. The current status quo is unacceptable

It is contemptible and downright reprehensible

Having preconceived or prejudicial ideas or thoughts

About anybody is dumb and stupid

Nobody gives a flocking darn about Cupid

Anymore. Gallantries are considered today as dust or lust

I am not a fan of verbosity or logorrhea

To me, pleonasm accentuates a highly complex aura

Racial harassment must be addressed or treated

As serious as when a person is discriminated

Because of the color of its pigmentation

Racial or sexual harassment is an invasion

Of a person’s dignity, pride and humanity

Both men and women were created equal

By the Creator. However, without impunity

Too many racists are enjoying a type of illegal

Or criminal privilege. They don’t pay for the crimes

Committed against our innocent brothers and sisters

Once these racists are caught, they simply paid a few dimes

Then they moved to the next cities, the next boroughs

Like their crimes were purged by the corrupt systemic racism

It is time we achieve equal justice under this archaic despotism.


Sexual harassers, whether proven or not, are forced to resign

Meanwhile, proven racial harassers are promoted or assigned

To a new position of more or equal pay

A lot can be said about sexual or racial harassment

For now, let’s keep at bay any additional embarrassment

We’re longing to see that new day

When all criminals receive the same punishment

Yes, we’re waiting to see a fairer outcome or judgment

Where everyone is treated equally under the laws

Under this sky filled with claws, clouds and sad rainbows.


Copyright © August 2021, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved.

Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.







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