Rachet ass medicine

  IntroMedicine ohh medicine You ain't no medicineBut an unloyal Rachet Residential president  Verse 1 Alot of things hurt me From friends to family But what killed me Is a Hoe I once trusted as my soulDid the world just to see her smileGuess after all hoes gonna be hoes Waited for a message guess you a mess talking to all these guys You the reason there's cockfest From deez nuts to your side man he ready to bust you ready to fussArguing with me telling me don't be suss bitch you sucked on his nuts You a damn slut ahahaNot gonna lie tho it made me go nuts But fuck should've got inlove Now love is nothing more Once you got with some homoAt a nightclub on liquor vodka I don't nothing more from your Ratchet ass anymoreNow I'm on my fuckin own Owning to mistakes I've made By taking you in my hands Oh man I really thought I'd be the man Guess you were after more than a man 10 different men size doesn't matter Isn't that what you saidSwitching up the dick game Fuck man you made me look lame I ain't ashamed to say I'll get my fame bitch And leave you behind Like I will dem snitch I ain't fuckin wit an unloyal bitch  Hook Rachet ain't loyal They wanna dickride Moanin till the morning With different niggas She pleased to be the feast While Datin the real deal Rachet ain't loyalYou feel me, been through This type of Rachet bitch {Medicine ohh medicine You ain't no medicine} verse 2 I woke up, text message I love you baby When maybe she finished Makin another baby Rachet ass bitch Go have fun with fuckboys Hope that dick makes you satisfied While your best friend is damn fineWalkin away givin her the fine For sexual intercourse but let her pass her prime Once I mixed up my class With swagger on the pussy Real fast you cock rat sooky But I'm to blame for letting Me love an unfaithful rocky Go such a dick And take some of his medicine Rachet ass medicine bitch I ain't ever finna fuck wit{Medicine ohh medicine You ain't no medicine}

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