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Many people see equality as something that brings races togetherWhen in reality it adds a brand new fatality to the people you don’t like, and it’s not even a fair fight.I always hear people say“The whites oppressed the blacks”Or“The blacks are oppressed the whites”And all I can think is that they all see in black and whiteAn outdated view of the world and it make me wanna hurlAll the races, race to see which is the best. When there is only one race, the human race.You’re afraid of your neighbor just because of their faceYou have this mindset that they are all a threat and I bet that you see their silhouette.Everyone focuses on the color of their friends instead of meeting new people and calling them kin no matter their skinYou all need to open your mind to see a new light, and don’t worry most of them won’t biteI live in the south so most have a bad mouth but doesn’t excuse their behavior and it’s quite in their disfavor. “The great wall of china is just a bunch of bricks but their clicks are tight and closed off to the other races”. “The whites can’t dance” and “The Blacks like chicken” are common phrases I hear on a day to day basis from hidden faces.With all the police brutality everyone assumes that the police are just a bunch of goonsAnd the color of their skin automatically makes them racist and problematic. Most of them are heroes and some are just a bunch of zero’s*pause*Let’s break the walls of color and everything that holds us back from the success of our predetermined life. Our minds have no racism just impressions pushed on us from the time we are born to the time that we die. If we reach higher than our lessons, color will be just the crayons in the box and not another  person in the world’s toybox. 

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