The Quite Sea


As I watch the birds fly

I start to wonder why? 

Memories run in my mind

As I hear the lonliness that runs in my heart

I tell myself to get over it

But something new comes in my life and makes me lose it 

I am the light of my future

But do I really shine in my thought? 

You may say I'm happy 

But do you really see me crying?

Yes I'm smiling 

But do I really feel it? 

As I stand with my many friends 

I see the wind calling me to accompany my soul 

I stay quite and smile 

But on the inside I am dying 








But some wonder why 

As I go up high

Someone comes just to bring me down

I stay shut and try not to fall 

As they run and make me feel wrong

Why? I ask

Why must they do this?

Questions run in my heart

Tears I cry from the soul 

Wishing my heart was once again whole

I wonder if I will ever rise and shine

Just like I used to be 

But whispers speak to my ears

And watch me suffer as I leave

Tasting the tears, 

Trying to wipe away the fears

I hold the doors and open it wide

As they watch me rise

I laugh and laugh

And tell them 

I will never give up 

even when you want me too 


Even if I am surrounded with the dark.



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