He lit a cigarette and said "you know I'm quitting"

He says it all the time to his wife he is hitting

But his actions say otherwise, his life is a lie

He wakes up in a jail cell and wish he would die


Addicted to the limelight, it's the life he chose

These debt collectors calling for the money that he owes 

His kids taken by C.P.S., his car repossessed 

Drugs are his only escape, his life is a mess


His mother called, He didn't even answer,

She tried to tell him, that his father died from cancer

Instead, he lit a cigarette, and said "you know I'm quitting"

He was speaking of his life, because he's tired of living


911, "please, my daddy's on the floor"

call the paramedics as they rush through the door

she cries out "daddy please, please wake up"

"You haven't even got to see me 18, with make up"



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