Quiet Thinking

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 13:46 -- jedadii

There are those that make the most asinine of assumptions

Is willful ignorance funny?


Who are those who quell their voices in the midst of rustling leaves

and perceived as either mute or dumb?

They are bell ringers


Why are the vulnerable marginalized and persecuted?

Fear of difference


The silence underneath the gold rings of society

Made with blistering pain


Am I hopeful for change?


Things of sentimental value—ignored and neglected


Everything Midas touched turned into gold


Shall I believe in wealth?  


With inner strength and positivity

Do I prefer sunshine or rain?

Matters of perspective


I like it when rains

My tears are intertwined and made invisible

Emotions buried by the dirt

On this Earth I reflect

Birth, Life, Pain


Shall I trust others to believe my pain?


Are my beliefs invalid if you do no not understand them?


Misunderstanding is a beautiful serpent

All perceptions unfounded and undetected


So analyze and contrive lies

About the lonely dames

Plagued with labels and names  

Over stand and not just understand

 The true depiction of what you see


Do you believe?


Bar-coded products can’t talk

Switch the tag and change the isle


The isles of your life on the islands of lies

I see me apart for what I am and will become.

I believe in me. 


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