Quick Senses

She spoke words of fear and shuddered at sentences of rejection.

These words cut through her soul, not only theirs but also her own. 

Her cries of help stayed in her mind until she couldn't identify where they where from.

The silence that was in her inside was as complex as the ocean, and the water that washed upon these shores where a trail of her sorrowful tears.

She looked upon the madness as it unraveled before her very existence, opening completely like a flower in the rising sun.

She shivered as her ocean flowed when she knew there was nothing to be done. 

She heared the cries and pleas of difficult time but rejected their cries to please herself.

In the end her anger was overwhelming, so she hurt conscious until it bleeded out all the discusting infections known as her thoughts

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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