Questions from the Closet

Ever wonder how it feels?

To know you're alone?

To pay your phone bill?

And never pick up the phone?

To ask a question?

And get no answer?

To feel so cold?

And never cure your cancer?

To breathe in lies?

And exhale truths?

To take your life?

Become a recluse?

To always wish?

To never have one granted?

Ever wonder what that's like?

Talking to walls?

Turning out your own light?

To be so hopeful?

And have it go dead?

To once have a chest?

To lay your head?

To once know happiness?

Then forget what that's like?

To not know wrong from right?

To cry all day?

And not know why?

Thinking you had friends?

Then wishing you had died?

To feel like a failure?

In the midst of success?

To watch from the sidelines?

And wish others the best?

Ever wonder how to trust?

When you put your heart out on your sleeve?

Then have it combust?

To always smile?

And never mean it?

To take a bath?

With blood in it?

To try your best?

And never make a true friend?

Yet still try again?

To spend a week in the hospital?

For failing to kill yourself?

And have no one notice you were gone?

To go to work?

Making people laugh?

And reaalizing too late they all think you're stupid?


Didn't think so.


Shaynah Woody

Recently I got really overwhelmed because I was told no one liked me. I want to be that bad ass I pretend to be and act like I don't care what other people think..but I do..a lot. If any1 else is feeling this way comment because right now i'm feeling pretty alone. Aside from my Mom and Aunt. Sometimes that's not enough ya know? I will survive!! :D

Misguided Dreamer

I know that feeling well. Keep your head up, You are BEAUTIFUL 


Yeah, I know EXACALLY what thats like



I love this. So true, I understand this mre than I should.

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