Of Questions and Beauty


I was once told
That asking questions Is beautiful.
Now I wonder
Is answering
Questions just as lovely?
Am I lovely?
If so, I want to be told.
My heart is answering
Those questions
You are asking because you wonder.
Wanting to know things is beautiful.
I think you're beautiful.
And I want you to know you're lovely.
Always stop to wonder.
What do you want to be told?
Ask questions
And I'll be answering.
Responding and answering.
Unanswered inquiries of beautiful
Eyes full of questions.
You're lovely.
You've already been told?
Of course you have! I just wanted you to know if you were wondering.
I was once wondering.
And you were once answering.
You were telling me what I needed to be told.
"Your insides are beautiful."
You make me believe I'm lovely.
Sometimes you answer my questions.
More often you won't answer my questions.
However you find joy in my wondering.
Do you think I'm lovely?
"What do you think?" Is how you'll be answering.
Do you think I'm beautiful?
Your teasing laugh is all I need to be told.
I was once told that asking questions
Is beautiful. What does that make wondering?
I think answering without speaking is lovely.


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