Questions to America, From Me.



America, what happened?

Why did you stay so mean?

Killing your people.

Physically, psychologically.

America, why are the founding fathers not here, like the real ones?

They had to leave, to make a change for their family.

Working on the corners of the streets.

That’s their office.

Not like the rich in theirs.

Smiling at the homeless with shiny teeth, not shiny presidents.


What happened to your leaders, America?

They don’t have a chance.

Why can’t we get a chance?

We won’t screw up.

We’ll be like you, America.

You never screwed up, just stretched the truth.

You’re good at that, right?


Where are the role models?

I’m tired of you lying.

I’m tired like the protesters.

The ones who were too white, and too broke like the rest of America.

Why did you hurt them?

Putting peppers in their eyes.

If you wanted them to cry, make them look at you, America.

I’m talking to you, America.

Talk to me.


When are the troops coming home, America?

Why are they fighting, America?

Why don’t you love them, America?

They died for you.

They have blood on their hearts, on their sleeves.

When will you wash the stains?

Every dot; you caused it.

You stretched too much.

The enemies knew.

Why did they know?

What did you say?

You betrayed us.


America, look at yourself.

Look at me.

You’ve made me you.

You’ve made the Bodegas, offices.

You’ve made the Spanish, serious.

The blacks, serious.

The whites, serious.

Can I be serious?

I promise to do what you do America.

Please, don’t repeat your history.


Get yourself together, America.

This is real.

I’m addressing you.

I’m speaking to you.



America, why aren’t you beautiful?

Why don’t you care?

Why do people still love you?


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