"Why do we must love?"


"To fulfill our emptiness?"

"To settle down with happiness?"

"To miss someone with loneness?"


You asked me;

So, I said, "because we can see the stars in the night."


"What do we love for?"


"For our beeding memories?"

"For our complicating world?"

"For all of beauties around us?"


You asked me again;

So, I said, " For everything."


"For yourself."

"For myself."

"For ourselves."


"What is the love?"

"The spring after the winter?"

"The reddish ufos wee see when the sun is rising?"

"The nike shoes cinderella is missing?"


When you asked me again,

I couldn't answer you.


Then, you asked me with the serious voice.


"Why were you waiting for me,

with the umbrella, on the way, at the night?"


"Why did you let me lean on your shoulder on the bus?"


"Why did your face get flushed, putting your hands on my hands?"


"Because I love you;"

I said, i said; I said.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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