Queer and All That Jazz (I Am...)

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 17:12 -- Adynna

I am

A Domincan New yorker

That friend of a friend

That handsy person walking by with their talkative friend


I am

way outside that proverbial box

That music lover bumping Every type of melody from her speakers

That nerd sitting up front making friends with all the teachers


I am

wearing rainbows like it's in my job description

That queer dude always fighting the man

 shunning gender stereotypes every second I can 


I am

The Otaku that wont shut up about that last episode

The Disnerd that will never "let it go Let it go"; yes, no matter how much it hurts

The one in heated debates with movie, comic book, and political experts


I am 

The product of  school teasing and bullying

The sum of understanding of some family members and many Friends

The only difference between Me and Average is I'm unapologetic


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