New York
United States


By Mariah Michelle (Holden)


You little sly dog you

Well the jokes on you mister

My name isn’t actually Stacy

And I’m not British


You see I pretended to be

But I was still me

Minus the fake name and fake accent


So you saw me for me

Well not really

But still!

I was still charming

Still quirky

Still weird!

And you were just plain horny


Poor thing.


The way I see it my accent gives me license to be weird

Without it I’m just different and people have a problem with different

Which is weird because they encourage you to be yourself

But they don’t like you unless you look like or act like someone else

Its weird – how that goes

You see guys just like big booty hoes

Which I don’t get

2 Chainz, Drake, and Kendrick love bad bitches but they have fucking problems!


You see I don’t think they got the love part right

There’s no way they could just love a bad bitch

They only love apart of her

The part that satisfy them

So its really to say they love pleasing themselves


Just ask their right hand

Sir your right arm is looking quite buff today

You must have been pumping…iron


They keep feeding us this idea that they love us

But really just apart of us

The part that pleases them

Which is to say they love pleasing themselves

See to love you need to l-o-v-e the whole woman not just apart of her

I mean love isn’t love if you just want the V

But you claim we just want the D

But tell me what is so desirable about the D

You think we crave it like you crave our V  

You aren’t very good at spelling see you need to l-o-v-e the whole woman

You crave the V and then add a D and we become loved

L-o-v-e-D as in you got the V

Left the l-o-e when you wanted to pleasure yourself

You invited me over to your house

Just to rip off my blouse

To toot and boot

Oh shoot she’s pregnant so you fly the coop

Kids chance of making it are slim unless he can make a basketball hoop

Boy have we been duped


That you would spell the word love with your promiscuous lips

Should of known you were never good at spelling

Your father taught you to toot and boot without actually being there

Society told you, you was a player

When are you going to learn to see the whole woman and not just the V

Stop adding a D and turning present lovers into past ghost


I hope you roast

Burn and smolder

Turn over in your grave

Stand before the Lord and have him say

I had to be a father to the fatherless, children you abandoned

All because you love bad bitches giving them the D

Turning the love into loved rapping the v from the l-o-e

How dare thee!

Disgrace queens on earth

Beautiful women and men to which I have birthed

Destroying their sense of worth


You see to love you need to l-o-v-e the whole woman not just apart of her







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