The Queen and the Ass

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 01:11 -- Acarm

I love you is hard to say

when you don't believe

the words as you speak them.


My heart feels nothing as I hear

your fake sobs 

over the phone.


I love you is easy to say

when you believe every 

word as you speak them.


My heart soars as I see

you walk

through the door.


I love you is a term

meant to be about the other,

not yourself.


Showing your deepest

affection, showing

yourself for someone else.


I love you, I say

as I look into 

her eyes.


I love you, I used to say

as I looked into

his eyes.


She gave me the world,

she gave me



He tried to break me,

he tried to break



Why do you hug me,

so much?

Because I love you.


Why don't you say 

you love me?

I don't feel it.


Is that bitchy?

Do I have 

An attitude problem?


Well, what do you think

I thought when you

told me I was a 



Because I love her

and she loves me,

I don't need to love you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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