In total quiet, I’m camper bound,

a little scared and tightly wound.

In a fixed cycle, my routing goes round,

looking straight ahead, feet on the ground.


Up at dawn, my breakfast eatin’,

in the sun, my fort is heatin’.

I grab my book and getsta seatin’,

I'm glad my homeworks long been beaten’.


When suns straight up, I boil my water,

these ramen noodles don't get no hotter.

The flys are howlin ‘oh, we got her!’,

but I swat away, my momma's daughter.


With boredom, my brain begins to rot,

I'd be happy with a spoon and pot.

Its summer time, I crave water and yacht,

minutes tick by but there's still a lot.


The other kids talk, but it's still quiet,

I wanted a book weeks ago, why didnt I buy it?

If this is what adulthood’s like, I wanna riot!

but, I pull up my bootstrap and tie it.


I miss family bonding, so sentimental,

crazy and loud but caring and gentle.

I'd sell my spare time, stamp it with rental,

mommas afraid I might go mental.


Dinner time has come and go,

I'm glad momma still cooks for me though.

I feel lost in an ocean, to startled to row,

Quarantine has been my foe.


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