quantumn haram

Sun, 10/18/2015 - 09:23 -- sflower

civilization csuses people not to look at themselves and indulge in all the vices, and so indefinately cause suffering by glorifying this condition through the success of modern medecine and technological miracles. 

people say to comit oneself to pleasure without responsibility is okay because we live in a modern world where only things that can be reprimanded by law or liability are wrong. it is only wrong if someone can sue you for money for it.  when not everyone has equal access to fair legal counsel or the financial rsources to seek it. 
it is okay for one man to have sex with millions of women, because women are not forced to have sex or bare children, and they are free of religious taboos on sex because they are modern women. so they do not feel devalued if they have sex with a man who has had sex with millions of women. 
technology does not create morals for us because we are not religious, we do not believe in karma or ghosts. 
the moral judgement it takes to build a sugar cane processing facility on lands once inhabitated by indigenous people; the crime scene of unspoken genocide, the cash crop of slave labor, is still okay to keep going because the machines do the work and we have no spiritual attachment to these lands, or their former care takers, as much as we do our own bodies or anything else in this life. attachment is not something to behold anymore, it is okay to be greedy, to be possesive,  to want things, to own things, to show entitlement to something, as long as we have a proof that is backed by money. the idea of one having an attachment to ones own body is, foreign, people instinctively know the TAO but it is quietly reinforced by modern science, medecine and aesthetics, not morality. people in this kind of environment are spritually handicapped or illiterate, they have no understanding of the significance of right and wrong, they have no understanding of why anything becomes significant,  they have no understanding of why  the distinguishment of right and wrong is or is not significant.   
they just know showmanship, aesthetics, and novelty. 
what one person cannot do, and another can, is significant to them, but they do not acknowledge that it is, because this is not a religious TAO, it is just being an audience of western culture. and a religion without a church, or a mantra without a temple, is not holy. it is an outright curse. it is a lullabye. it is sourcery that is openly called "good for you."  the wizdard first heals you, then says do whatever pleases you, but you dont feel pleasure, let alone any other emotion, because you are just a hologram generated by the sun, so you go to extremes to find what pleases you, : doing things no one else can do, and he watches you, and you love that he watches you. and then when youve done so many things no one else can do, you are weary, jaded, and wreckless,  when someone dies who is involved in your affairs, the wizard comes and says its okay, they are just nerve endings and firing of synapses. It is okay that life is cheap and fast, because if it is seen anyother way, then you would not be able to do so many things that no one else can do. it is okay that the waters are polluted with vomit and poop, because you will never be forced to live in it or deal with it.  
people like being archetypes, and depending on how our culture rewards people for responding to those archetypes, makes those archetypes valuable or worthless. if you are a sexy lady, and you are crying, and a man sees you, then that man is a good man for saying "oh why are you crying? please dont cry.."
he is a good man because men like sexy ladies and he gets to talk to her while looking sensitive, and thats good, because our culture is sensitive to emotional unrest, and we care if we see each other being unhappy, even though we dont have emotions.  never mind that beauty is more readily rewarded after intelligence rather than when intelligence is placed by itself.   if an ugly woman is crying and a man sees her, he ought to look away, because good men do not talk to ugly women, and they should not be seen near her for fear of looking like the thing that made her cry, and because we dont have emotions it is wrong for her to cry in public because if she is to be ugly woman then she should be smart atleast and know this, and a smart woman would only cry in public if she were trying to manipulate people to feel sorry for her so they give her something, or a smart woman would only cry in public if she is mentally ill, or if she is an ugly woman and crying in public then she is making a bad scene and is a bad example for children and is damaging to be seen by children even though we dont have emotions so how could those children be hurt if they dont have emotions. if the ugly woman is crying in public it is okay for her to become a target for negative attention because she is already generating negative energy by first being ugly and then by crying in public, so if a man want to mske fun of her or curse at her, it is okay, because like attracts like, and she gets what she asks for, buy a sexy lady crying in public does not get that treatment because at least she tried to maintain positive energy by being sexy, and so if she cries, a person who tries to make hr feel better might make themselves more valueable by knowing her and furthering a chance that she might willingly have sex with him instead of making him pay money for it, when she is not crying and is being offering money for her body.  because its a good thing for women to be offered money for their body, it gives them power, because the money is power, no matter who is offering it to them.  immediately if a man offers a woman money for her body, it means that a certain  number of men in her society want to sleep with her, and that makes her valueable, that gives her power. it does not mean that a group of men who hand pick women to fuck on camera, are having as much sex as they want, without telling those women that they have had sex with millions of women. those women know that these men have sex with many many women, and thats why when they are hand picked to be paid for their bodies, it makes them special, it makes them powerful, because these are powerful men who have sex with millions of women. and men who want to have sex with you who are that powerful should be trusted, especially if they offer you money. they want to protect you and nurture you, in return for your beautiful body, because all the other women they offered money to, are getting too greedy, even though its okay to be greedy,  but they are too spoiled, even though its okay to be spoiled,  but the other women should get a chance to be spoiled for their beauty.  it was only by chance that these men found you, being beautiful offers priveledges, meeting important people, going to high priority exclusive parties, these things are far and few in between for most people, that which is rare that is offered to you often makes you valueable, if gold is rare and it is given to you then you are valueable. it is not that these men stalked you quietly and casually, and made an everday cleche, out of fringe, manic and extreme measures to get near you. and it is not that, when you are backed by trillions, you can make any oddity into a cleche. "oh he is just rich, that is just what a rich man does when he is obsessed with a woman"  
so it is a good thing if he, finds all the cameras on the street of your daily walking route, and scans them for you, and tracks your timings, and conducts a university level study in sociology on you. 
and makes a habit of doing this to every girl who is featured in his adult film co-op/complex/empire websites.  and all the women who have this done to them feel honored, even though they may later be ejaculated in the face, or gang raped. 
none of it matters because they are paid for it, so it proves they are nobel, valueable to society, and worthy to be immortalized in the most valueable form society sees women to have, the erotic form. these men became as rich as they are through ethical means, so their will must be respected, and their money must be seized. they did not begin their humble trek into the catacombes of inifinite wealth, by becoming the homosexual whipping boys of celebrities or  CEOs. they merely started a business just like everyone else. they didnt come from rich jewish communities, and were mentored by billionaires. they didnt just ask for a few billion dollars from a friend a get it just like that, they worked for their status. they had to work among all kinds of people, in the real world. they had to deal with urban living, the fluctuating economy, the ethnic diversity and the clash of contrasting demographics. they had been served their fair share of white priveledge speeches and feminazi "penis priveledge" speeches. at first it seemed like everyone was against them and that they could do nothing right. but eventually everyone around them saw that they were good people and hard workers. so they gave them a leg up. and thats how a 28 year old man has access to trillions of dollars, and becomes a sovereign entity, literally "felt" all over the world. that man is not the anti-christ, just because he tells millions of people to vomit into the ocean, because it will some how save all of humanity, and not just make the entire earth covered in vomit.  that same man is not the anti-christ just because hes had sex with millions of women and tells them to have medical abortions into buckets that are later dumped into machine vats at food processing plants. that man is not the anti-christ just because he is a ritualistic necrophiliac. and how could one man do all these things, and you must be wicked if you could even fathom these ideas.  the futures destination is CRASS (the word not the band) that is the only word for the description of the humanly experience in the coming years. every person on earth will have no choice but to accept their temporary suffering in human form to be a cruel joke, and be forced to comit suicide. and its all because the richest people on earth try to embody aghori sadhu values without being an aghori. they think aghoris comit necrophilia, and put aborted fetuses, and dead bodies into processed food. they think they can force every human on earth to suffer more than they have, as they were ritualistically tortured in order to be inducted into a society of infinite wealth. they were forced to suck dick and be sodomized at the same time, forced to be covered in semen, shit, vomit, and other foul substances all at once, and so in order to make themselves feel better they take it out on the poorer masses by feeding them semen shit and vomit and all the other foul substances. and putting it in their water supply so they must bathe in it.  
in the begining people found truth in peacefulness, and in the conditions of the psyche brought on by hallucinogens. but a group of entities who were eager to exploit the raw simplicity of human society and human mind began to perturb the peace of those first people. These entities wispered false narratives to the peoples, making them question each other. causing them to fear each other and prompting the first wars among human to human. the human mind in its peaceful state, seeking exctasy in hallucinogens and harmonius interactions with both people and animal, was too powerful. if it had been allowed to mature in these conditions, the entities could never profit from the human experience.
I am guilty of being a theif, although never to him or his acquaintances. He found he had to be like a priest and reprimand me, even though I never stole from him or his friends. After he was entry into  the society of inifite wealth, they showed him their alien technologies. He took the liberty of punishing my theiving by setting me or my life force into a star that feeds a black hole. The rich that are so rich they are invisible, are able to program physical reality like a computer. 
A black hole represents an abberration in cultural casting for age and gender in archetypal envirnomental back drops. Ab old ugly homeless woman in the year 2050, scares the living hell out of the still manicured status quo inhabitants of the time. they fear her so much they cant see her. the energy she engenders is like that of a black hole. You cannot see a black hole and it scares you to know its there. It can only take because it has nothing to give, except more taking. 
2015 : all philosophical methodologies behind todays mainstream technologies are at their most ethical, sincere, and user friendly capacities. everything that will come after the abandonment of todays widespread technologies, will benefit the seller more than the consumer and all technologies sold will be used to exploit their consumers. 
 Every technology that surpasses the advancements of 2015 is a subtle attack to its user. 
 they have taken my face and plastered it every where, calling me evil, saying i did things i never did. calling me the anti-christ, and because some how it is more clever for the devil to incarnate as a woman. and trick people with the impression that women are naturally good and so no one would expect me to be evil. and that is why i am the devil because no one would expect it. and new age women are typically very predatory towards men. he will say because i am accusing him of vile things he never did, that it is plausible that i have done all of what i have accused him of. 
i am weary of fighting him, he will wage a smear campaign against me until the day he dies. he will put horrific things in my food. i refuse to argue in my own defense. it is insulting and exhausting for me. i am not the one in the position of power. i never had any creditability to lose or gain. i am merely offering clarification for events that have affected people tangled in his affairs. everything he says is for his own defense, not for clarifying ambiguity. all of what he will say of me will aim to make him look innocent.   his supporters will draw from this text, argumentative methodologies, they will copy the philosophy of the methods for my use of rhetoric, and put it to use in their own writings. that is all they will see here.  they will see these words as a comprehensive and complex mental exercisive in manipulating the readers sensibilities of logic.  
 as knowledge and complexity expand in the collective human mind, so does its capacity for bias and manipulation of sensibilities. 
they will turn the idea of common sense into an evil ploy purported by people with bad intentions, to try to profit parasitically from people sharing assumptions on anything. and this will cause confusion and panic. common sense is the back engine of culture, it is the reason for the mechanism that creates cleches. when people begin to fear understanding common sense they will try to reorganize the resulting calamity to their advantage. They will come forward as altruist vigilantes. they will try to reunify the uniniated masses into their cult, this cult that hunts and demonizes me. and says i am the cause of the worlds problems. they will try to unite the future peoples all against me. yes me, one woman, one person, poor, homeless, ugly. they will standardize a religious society, community, nation or legal regulation to ensure that i am cursed every waking moment of my remaining life. this future society will be forced by law to recite prayers or tailor made   curses in malice religion against me. saying that if they dont do it, i will "get them" or they will become me. i will become some beacon of fear and disgust because i am an ugly old homeless woman. and i will be declared a monster. this is how the future peoples will view an ugly old homeless woman. 
it is righteous to have correct judgement, to have moral compass. if you can clearly state that someone has done wrong and they did so jntentionally, then you have power, being someone who exposes them, when others have trusted that person. a group of men who knew they committed wrong, knew they were vulnerable to those with moral compass. they knew all of their success and riches were only a hair breadth of away from being ripped from under them. so they tediously began working to skew the moral compass of the masses. they created modernism, they created the TAO of western science and aesthetics. The premises of this unspoken religion were similar to the ways of the aghoris sadhus of india. In wich no one should be able to distinguish from right, wrong, clean and unclean, happiness and misery, pleasure or pain, fear or confindence. everyone is equally allocated a matter of fact of heap of sillyness in the face of serious afflictions. everything is inane because there are too many people on earth to take anything seriously.  
under these conditions they could build gateways into the permanent and continuous manufacturing of quantumn harams. No one would question it, because of the personal shame it brings to a man who is on the outside of it, and the shame it brought to the woman who is part of it. these quantumn harams would be used to further confuse those with any primitive or budding moral compass by allowing the quantumn acceptance of beastiality and necrophilia, along with involuntary cannabalism. Because these men were able to give quantumn haram to a select few of iniates, these iniates were asked to show their appreciation of their induction by engaging in necrophilia, beastiality and the preparation of processed food made with human remains.  after a critical mass of men were allowed to have quantumn haram,  they pragmatically formatted the death of morality. they were given positions of power and their indifference to morality allowed the mainstream adoption of ethical apathy.  the men given quantumn haram are in this year 2015, between the ages of 20 to 29. They were not exceptionally hansome, intelligent or gifted in any way. They were merely picked for their eagerness to accept on faith the promise of quantumn haram, and higher standards of living, in return for their participation in the greater erotion of morality in the collective mind. For their participation in necrophilia, beastiality and other unclean endeavors, they recieved quantumn haram, drugs and luxurious accommodations.
when enough peoples had no semblance of discernment towards morality, these rich men could go on wrecking havoc on the world, and blaming their crimes on easy targets. Their targets would be people who were vulnerable against the tsunami of cultural assumptions for individuals based on gender, age and their living environments.  Because I am a young woman, unemployed, ugly, uneducated, flat chested and living with a parent, I must be spoiled, and wayward.  I would rather not be a crazy ugly old homeless woman in the future, but i know that i have too many people working against me. They are all unnamed trustees of that man, the antichrist. who stole human remains and raped them. and destroed them. and then justified it by telling people i was a pedophile or worse.  
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