As quandary augments to this

As quandary augments to this degenerative generation, vacant bodies absent mindedly exhibit semblance during temporal entropy.

This administered matrix exemplifies vehemence, in the circumstance of preeminent financial and social hierarchies.

Rhapsodies of youth beget presumably abnormalities within synaptic clefts, thus informally imposed by a plethora of commercialized mediums.

Pseudo-Humanity voraciously consumes a embellished dish of confectionary skin, and is enthralled by decadent apathy.

Dionysian exemplifications cease to flourish , when encountered by an insurmountable precipice of objective truth and humility.  

Acerbic wine profusely springs from the perforated palms of merchants, and advocates of material desire.

Scholarly intent and refrain from consumerist ideologies shall remain perennial, as opposed to the ever withering dexterity of a patron’s privileged deficient.

Under such unfortunate circumstances, a contemporary person prefers to enact ecstatic dispositions by attaining local celebrity with possession, as they continue their sojourn in the ephemeral pleasures of gaudy markets.

Thriftiness is a abstract cog in a machine embodying equanimity, which is inevitably negated with the insouciance derived from upper to middle class targets.   




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