Puzzle Pieces

An unsolved puzzle

With pieces scattered 

Not really sure how they all fit 

But someday, they will make a beautiful picture

Of all the things I have accomplished 

Of all the things I've learned 


An unsolved puzzle 

But someday, they will make a beautiful picture 

Of all the things I've tried 

Of all the things I've failed


I am greater than the sum of my parts 

I will never fail to try new things 

I am an athlete

I am a performer 

I am a leader


My puzzle will be unique 

Unlike any puzzle ever seen 

I will pave a new path, that no one has taken 

Because I am innovative 




And maybe the pieces won't fit together perfectly 

Maybe they'll stay scattered 

Unable to be understood

But the pieces will define me 

And define the difference

I have made in the world  


Dare to be different 

Dare to be you 

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