Put It Into A Poem


all my life can be put into a poem , so im bringing it all to the surface so i can show em. that  from what i am to what i believe , and people who betray you will also deceive, all because no one wants to relieve , the pain they are suffering and asking whys the world always buffering. so when its looking dull its the sun that im offering.


put it into a poem , and you see a different person but you told me you know em, you're not suppose to loose yourself , but i guess your excuse is that your mind has been stolen, by these deadly and streets , and the darkness pumping throw ya veins, all that is showen , is ya shadow behind the sheets. and thats suppose to be a retrain ?


I'm sorry I don't get what you’re saying , cuz I write so people can be liberated , and stop smothering ya selves in self hatred . Our stories have been written on these pages . If you find these words we stop with all the rage and , save our nation . Just to let you know it might be a rude awakening .


And you feel ya self shaken . And a tear has been taken , and there it lies on the page that it sank in . And your brain starts thinking , and your eyes fastly blinking, and you feel your heart sinking. and the pace starts to increase and then it all seizes. And you begin to pick up the pieces. And you stop and ask Jesus, is your life really meanless.? Cuz you can’t stray away from your weakness.


i write to express my self and maintain my mental health and obtain a lot of wealth. the key from this bondage is earning a boatload of knowledge and making sure i go to college. 


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