Push on

I know your tired of raising your children by yourself your baby need some pampers but dad brings a can of milk.. but YOU GET WIC... I know your tired of raising your children by yourself... But push on woman push on your strong... Just know that your doing right and he he's just wrong.. ya even have to get up at the crack of dawn..you leave the house before your babies know your gone..push on your strong.. ya even have to catch a couple buses just to get to work but YOU keep a smile on cause you know u put your children first.. It hurts.. but YOU can do it your children are worth it..push on your STRONG you CAN raise your children on your own. And I know your feet gets sore and your back is hurting but remember you been saving for that CAR you always wanted.. you deserve it. So no more catching the bus at the crack of dawn or carrying heavy groceries taking you hours to get home. Not by any means your balling.. but atleast your now driving... So push on woman push on your STRONG cause it won't be long before you get that HOUSE you always wanted.. so you and your children can get out of that tight spaced apartment.. YOU DESERVE IT. So push on woman push on your STRONG. And I knew you could always do it SCHOOL and WORKING just to provide a better future for your children.. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU.. you beat the odds even when society said you won't make it far.. YOUR A STAR I love you what a strong woman you are

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