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One of the things I know to live upon this earth is to work hard with a good heart and great things will happen. I know that sounds a bit cliché but it’s the honest truth, great things WILL happen.College will always be one of the most vital parts of your educational track record because based on how well you do there will translate to how you will perform in the real world. Schoolwork has been my number one priority since day one. Ask any of teachers and they will give an honest answer of the dedication and focus that I invest. We’re all human so we always have our strengths and weaknesses. My strengths have in included liberal arts; I’ve religiously pulled in acceptable numbers out those subjects through out the years. But a weakness has to be a certain test score, the SATs to be more precise. Look, I know that it’s a score that a school like Harvard wouldn’t even care to look at for at least 2 seconds but why should that be the only criteria of who’s worthy in terms of admissions. I’m not saying that the SATs are something you shouldn’t care for; we should all do our best. What I’m saying is you shouldn’t have to worry if your future is in jeopardy due to a score that doesn’t reflect who you really are intellectually. If you’re a well-rounded student, which means being part a student government, like myself and along with being part of clubs with good purpose, with an acceptable GPA, you shouldn’t have to ever doubt yourself in getting into a good college. This is why I refuse to judge a book by its cover. Moving forward to another aspect that brings me here is the fact of the financial hardship that may hinder me from paying for college. My mother is honestly the only person I depend on in terms of having to play for college. It really bugs me that she’s willing to pay for it by using her 401(K) but that’s not going to benefit her in the future when she’s retired. She’s a loving mother but I don’t want that to be an option for her. She has me, my little brother and my autistic sister to take care of and I don’t want college to be a financial hardship for her as she already has so much other bills and rent to pay for that are skyrocketing through the roof. Literally we survive on one paycheck very 2 weeks. But at the end of the day i keep my head up high so that I may pursuit a smooth enduring college experience.


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