Pursuit of Happiness

Wed, 01/29/2020 - 23:17 -- mmr0607

Im at the start of a journey 

One that is harder than it is long

that journey will toss me around 

and it will sure try to buck me off 

but I'll stay on.

Many people wont approach that bucking bull

They will sit on the sidelines 

Watching complacantly

they'll yearn for a chance

But they will never take the effort

Some will even walk away 

Never returning to the beast

But I'll take the bull by the horns

Just for the challenge

I'll win against this beast 

Just to prove I can

Ill do it just to do it

That bull is nothing to challenge

but none the less I'll challange it

That bull called life will be ridden by me

and I'll make that bull what I want it to be

That beast called life. 


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