The Pursuit of Beauty

I couldn't help but meet her
Thought she was as far away as a dream
what she'd be like I could never perceive
But I'd known about her before we met
People talked about her
they said she was so bad
And she is
An imaginary friend I thought only I could see
like the others but everyone noticed her
They saw her in the shape, each curve, the form
In my face, compliments given
And with each one, me and Anna became closer
With Anna
insecurities I released
after consuming words spoken to me
once before I was dented
but with this I'm closer to
the image of the perfect woman
With tears running down my face I face
my biggest enemy
She was on my mind
What they saw I couldn't see
But I know
Things unseen can be felt
like the wind
You know I know
you're killing me
But you're a part of my pursuit of beauty
So I'll stay stuck on you


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