Purpose of Life (Haiku)


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Life is short and sweet

Full of the wonders of joy

Leave this world proud

Guide that inspired this poem: 



This haiku is based on my thoughts of how an individual should live. Life is short and limited to the number of opportunites. But all the way to the end, we all cannot look down in regret and sorrow. In my point of view, life is measured by the amount of happiness you strive for. Through multiple rough experiences, I have come up with this answer of how one must life. Whether you gain happiness through money, friendship, dangerous journeys, etc., always make sure that you continue looking forward and never falter in desperate times of need. My life is just beginning but I will continue past all obstacles. This world is a river, and I am that little fish swimming towards to ocean of possibilities.


 Thank you for reading this,

-Sanjay Singh

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