Purple Dress


United States
32° 42' 14.4504" N, 117° 2' 59.9496" W

Dressed in my purple dress
Such a pretty purple dress
Dancing around in my garage
My pretty black shoes that look like ballet shoes
Hair waved with mousse
Freshly cut bangs
Don’t want to pick up my dogs
For hair could stick to me
A cold chill shivered through me
It’s night time
I know he’ll get here
Surely he would never leave me like this
He must know I dressed for the occasion
I’m sleepy and hungry
My dogs look at me with sleepy eyes
My Mom closes the garage quietly
She slips into bed
No showing up
No phone call
And it was then
That I realized I can’t trust him



This is a moment in time of my childhood. I have gone through different adversities, one being with my father and how he wasn't always there for me, but I have overcome this.I'm now going off to college soon and I now understand his situation however, there are some events that I specifically remember from time to time.

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