I’ve never let someone have all of me

and as I speak on my purity, let it be known that

it wasn’t easy.


The fight to not give into wreckless love

from boys whose main goals are to court women

by their simple presence

and giving no regards to her emotions

and letting her stand face to face to someone whose main agenda

is to get her naked

and bare it all in his face.


It was not easy

to sit and wonder why I wasn’t desirable enough to you

as i broke my back and my wallet just to be decent enough for you

and weighing in on your whole destructive life

just so I could be a therapist to you.


It wasn’t easy

to believe all the bullshit you fed to me

about wanting a family

and spending the rest of your life with me.

As I picked the seeds for a family tree,

you picked the flowers out of an adulteress’ garden

and had them sent to me


So as my sarcasm fills the air and the room

It was very easy

to keep myself out of the doom

that a boy will constantly cause,

by making you understand that just because you were desirable

doesn’t mean he wanted to be your man

and just because you were desirable

doesn’t mean you were loved

and girls need to stop constantly falling in love

and end up getting shoved around by boys

who really don’t give a damn

about how it feels to be in love


My purity was given to me to protect

and he will never get erect

until he puts a ring on my finger..

then I’ll have no regrets.


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