Wed, 03/19/2014 - 14:42 -- Fahiru

Is it pleasing, I have wondered
To make schemes of going under
Noses, chins, and suspicion of
The ones we claim to trust and love.

So often in this weary world
We find foolish, flitting girls
Who kiss their daddies
Kill their babies
And to their lovers, all is sold.

Now boys are waiting in the wings
For girls to bring their questionings
For their job to be handled first
So that they may satisfy their thirst.

What is love? They do not know.
Pounding hearts and chemicals
A blush and curiosity
Passionate, young naïvety
That quickly comes and too soon goes.

Parents raised in this same way
Have nothing helpful to give or say
They let them cry and run amuck
Because they themselves are just as stuck.

And then they wonder why things go wrong
Wanting relationships that last long
Yet they won't give
And only take
Just adding to pop-break-up songs.

Won't you listen well and hear
That the one for you was almost there
Yet you weren't patient, you ditched the best
And crashed and burned like all the rest.


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