We live today in eternal suffering

A consistent sadness during a persistent night.

Eradicating our hopes and dreams,

Filling our hearts with sadness.


Murder of dreams,

The night falls upon us

Engulfing souls,

Millions at a time.

Hopes left homeless,

Purgatory for eternity.



Death roams around us,

Dormant in sleep

Given the chance to arise,

It captures another victim.

The universe remains unchanged,

Existence irrelevant.


Life means nothing,

Nor does fate.

Everything represented by a lucky arrangement of atoms.

So small, billions compose our beings,

Shaping the world we devour.


We live to die, and die by living.

Every day a struggle to survive.

Life is tangible, manipulative, unforgiving.

Every second conscious is pain.



Suffer from the breaths you take.

World filled with toxins and chemicals.

Join hands and cry,

Acknowledge death is inevitable.


Drink away miseries,

Enter a comatose state,

Resting in purgatory,

We find our souls.


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