Pure Illusion


I am like the moon.

Most of the time people

Only see ¼ of me.

In pure darkness,

When people hide inside their houses,

They stare at me as a way to distract their faults.

I create an illusion every night as if

I am following them back home in their automobiles

Just so I can go in orbit peacefully.

Those who never question me know nothing about me.

The only people that understand how I am

Are those that reach out beyond their comfort zone,

Beyond Earth’s orbit.

Astronauts rarely come to visit me anymore.

They were my closest friends.

They revealed me to the world at a time I was weak.

Therefore, I’ve become lonely.

People on Earth think they know all that I am and capable of

But the truth is, I’m more than just an orbiting rock.

They will never know.

I’ve naturally hidden myself

But, it’s the curiosity of the Sun that reveals me a bit every night.

I am like the stars.

I seem so close yet I am so far away. 



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