a pure heart

I want the earth to be brighter, not broader or else we will be broader and not brighter

I believe there is good in even the most evil, light inside every single soul

At the very least, a light in need of rekindling

There are things one simply cannot live without, there are also things we have to live without but we choose to let it consume us in the most beautiful way

Whether that is physically or mentally, both incredibly delicate, there is something we live by that gives us purpose

There is good in every soul, good in even the most wicked

This is what I live by

Compassion consumes me, it is an ungovernable sensation

I savor this very sensation

It consumes me in the most beautiful way

It allows me to rid my mind of cynicism and disparity

This notion I will forever cherish, it is the roaring song in my head that if silenced I no longer serve a purpose

If i cannot allow myself to see the light in the corrupt my heart is damaged simply because it stops pumping hope into my veins



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